When Teacher’s Books aren’t so helpful.

How often have you been planning a lesson and found yourself staring at the relevant page of the textbook, wondering to yourself, “How am I going to lead in to that?”–only to consult the Teacher’s Book and think, “Yep! That’s perfect! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Teacher’s Books are generally full of useful suggestions for leading in to textbook activities, so why is it that–particularly (or so I’ve noticed) when it comes to “Grammar Banks” or “Grammar Boxes”–they so often do something like the following?

Skillful Listening and Speaking Teacher's Book 3, p.57.

Lockwood, Robyn and Dorothy E Zemach. Skillful Listening & Speaking Teacher’s Book. 1st ed. Oxford: Macmillan Education, 2013. Print. p.57.

Can you imagine teaching an observed grammar lesson where the above is your opening gambit?

(Not to pick on the Skillful books, by the way: they’re usually excellent.)



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