Stupid file transfer thingy!



Would anyone have advice on what setting I need to change in Apple Configurator so that my iPads can talk to my (Windows) desktop?

I need to get video files off the iPads and onto my shared drive. When I connect an iPad to the computer with a lightning cable, iTunes opens up and the following message appears:


The supervising computer in question is the Macbook plugged into my iPad sync trolley. I’ve tried plugging the iPad directly into the Macbook (rather than via the sync cable), but to no avail.


A spectre is haunting my iPad cart . . .

. . . a spectral iPhone. There is no iPhone connected to the trolley.


And the MacBook has been stuck on that screen for a long time. That can’t be good.

Maybe if I go to class, I’ll come back and find that all is well . . .